T Cell-Dependent in situ Initiation and Systemic Regulation Model ofImmune Responses


T Cell-Dependent in situ Initiation and Systemic Regulation Model ofImmune Responses

Hypothesis: A peripheral initiation and systemic response model of immunity.Very few antigen presenting cells (APCs) are able to elicit an immuneresponse. We suggest, that peripheral immune activation, e.g. via theskin, may induce parallel co-migration of dendritic cells (DC’s) andactivated antigen-specific T cells to the draining lymph nodes andbeyond. Herewith, memory-like anti-foreign-reactive T cells inaddition or even superior to naïve T cells once co-migrating to theregional lymph nodes will immediately find optimal stimulatoryconditions to fight systemic spread of infection. Yet, due to lack of localepithelial-specific antigen in the SLO’s, this migratory pattern may helpto avoid auto-reactivity in the case of an ongoing productive, and thusmassively proliferating immune response involving all kinds oflymphocytes and other cells

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