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Psychoanalysis is a type of therapy that aims to release pent-up or repressed emotions and memories in or to lead the client to catharsis, or healing. In other words, the goal of psychoanalysis is to bring what exists at the unconscious or subconscious level up to consciousness.

With the ardent support of the 25+ Million Reader base, Eminent authors, Prominent reviewers and Elite Editorial panel, J Psychol and Psychother just completed the successful release of its 4th Edition this year i.e. Volume 9 Issue 4. The articles included are exclusive and specifically related to Psychoanalysis, Reliance and Recovery connections, Psychosis, and Psycho education.
It is an academic discipline of immense scope.

Being a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers, professionals, and students, Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy provides; in-depth perspectives on intriguing contemporary topics throughout the respective disciplines of psychology and psychotherapy. This edition explains following major aspects of Psychology which are highly applicable in our day to day life and provides a better understanding of basic Psychology:

•Consciousness is the state of being aware of any object or something within oneself, such as thoughts, feelings, memories, or sensations. © 2019 Hashim HT, et al.
• Identifying whether these adaptive cognitive characteristics, particularly survival and coping beliefs, are absent in individuals who participate in high risk sexual behaviours. © 2019 Ellis J.
• Exploring possible mechanisms of Cannabis induced mental disorders from a toxicological, pharmacological, and psychological perspective. © 2019 Dickey MR
• Determine the effect of family psycho education to the knowledge of patients, to control violent behaviour. © 2019 Basirun S, et al.

We appreciate the research performed by Authors who have associated with us ever since the inception of the Journal and we still look forward towards the timely and valuable submissions of researchers from around the globe. The journal offers this unique opportunity of greater flexibility to the contributors to publish different types of science communications including original research, case reports, systematic reviews, commentaries and expert opinions on diverse aspects of contemporary psychology research and explorations while addressing emerging challenges.

For the upcoming Issue we would again like to quote that the Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy aims to broadcast the latest findings from systematic explorations in the areas of Analytical Psychology, Clinical psychology, Criminal Psychology, Cultural psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Evolutionary psychology, Experimental psychology, Humanistic psychology, Medical psychology, Music psychology, Neuro psychology, Positive psychology. The Journal with highest impact factor offers Open Access option to meet the needs of authors and maximize article visibility. The journal also lays special emphasis on the emerging challenges in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Mental and Psychological Disorders and prudent methods of various Psychotherapies involved.
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