Neoantigens Generated by Individual Mutations and Their Role in Immunity and Immunotherapy


This “Research Topic” is a call for papers to provide an up-to-date overview of current efforts to understand the immunological mechanisms of neoantigen directed T-cell immunity and the attempts to harvest this source of antigens for cancer immunotherapy. Recently, the work of different groups revealed that neoepitope-specific T cells are crucial for clinical responses mediated by adoptive transfer of autologous TILs or by immune checkpoint inhibitors. Moreover, ongoing clinical trials demonstrated clear evidence for the feasibility of individualized vaccination or adoptive cell therapy of cancer patients utilizing unique mutations as targets. Neoantigens may therefore constitute the Achilles´ heel of tumor cells.



Translating neoantigen directed immunotherapy into clinical translation inspired important advancements in other fields but also generated new challenges. For instance, numerous groups work on improving NGS methods, generate innovative bioinformatic solutions for mutation identification and prioritization, or study the hierarchy of immunogenic mutations for cancer immunotherapy.

We solicit high quality, original research and review articles centered on research and development in the field of cancer neoantigen research.



  • Mechanistic studies on immunogenicity of neoantigens in humans or preclinical animal models
  • Studies on mechanisms and efficacy of immunotherapeutic concepts targeting neoantigens via vaccination or adoptive cell therapy
  • Mode of action and efficacy studies on combinations of neoantigen directed immunotherapy with other cancer therapies
  • Studies on the neoantigen landscape in human cancer entities or preclinical animal models
  • Studies on innovative antigen-formats allowing neoantigen vaccination
  • Studies on bioinformatics approaches for mutation identification, validation and epitope prediction
  • Studies on methodological advances in sample preparation and NGS technology fostering neoantigen cancer immunotherapy
  • Studies on immunological advances in detecting neoantigen specific immune responses
  • Clinical studies


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