Journal of Drug Designing: Open Access | Celebrating 9th Anniversary


Journal of Drug Designing: Open Access | Celebrating 9th Anniversary

Journal of Drug Designing: Open Access is about to complete its 8 years of publication in the field of Science and Technology. During the span of 8 years it has provided a large platform for scientists, scholars, researchers with ease in the publication process and gained lot of reputation among the scientific community which helps the journal to emerge as one the biggest journal in the field of drug designing. Being an open access journal caters reliable and valid information form pharmaceutical, biochemistry  in drug designing and drug discovery researchers and others in the form of Case report, Short Commentary, Original Research, Review, Rapid Communications, Letter to Editor, Perspectives, Opinion, Hypothesis, etc. and shares the information across the globe virtually among its valuable readers. The Journal is liable to support their author at each and every step of publication starting from writing, editing, designing till promotions of articles.

The journal aims at a broad interdisciplinary readership, which includes both academia and industries, and covers the broad fields like rug design including drug discovery, drug design by rational approach, target-based design, drug synthesis, drug metabolism, structure-based drug design, molecular modelling, ligand-based interaction, development of the generic drug, in silicon chemo informatics and bioinformatics technologies, receptor agonist/antagonist, protease substrate/inhibitor, peptidomimetic, Quality by design, Design for reliability in drug development, Design for traditional Chinese medicine clinical trials, Bayesian sequential design for multi-regional design, Design and analysis for target clinical trials, Design and analysis for diagnostic procedures, Adaptive design for early clinical development, Design for biosimilar studies, Design for bioassay development and validation, Design for statistical genetics, Design for assessment of drug to drug interaction, Design for bridging studies, Design for stability analysis. Journal provides detailed information on current researches and updates with theoretical and experimental knowledge which tend to help the emerging researchers and students among all the possible lives.

Journal of Drug Designing: Open Access offers special discounts up to 50% on the article processing charges for all the researchers across the globe and some additional benefits to its previous authors on the occasion of stepping into 9th year in publication and encourages the contributors across the globe to make the best use of the opportunity. All published articles of this journal are included in the indexing . Except these indexing across the world, journal is liable to publish the funded research work which follows some limited set of criteria directly to PubMed with proper support.

Journal of Drug Designing follows a double-blind peer review system which helps in a proper and impartial review of the article which leads to spread liable information among the readers and supports the current and future studies. The journal also helps to increase the number of readers towards each and every article published within its regular and special issues by promoting the recent research on digital platforms like Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook, etc. which helps its authors to gain increased numbers of citations.

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Journal Drug Designing: Open Access
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